Howto clear defaults to get Fake Camera running again

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I like to read reviews of my applications on Google Play, especially those with suggestions and questions :). Last few days I’m getting more and more questions like this one for Fake Camera

Won’t open on kik When I tried to send a pic as a live pic from the gallery it took me to the regular camera and didn’t give me the option to choose the app or the regular camera.

or this one

Fake Camera does not work for me, you sucks!

So because of that I’m going to write a step by step how to clear defaults and let camera picker appear again, because that is the main reason of those problems. We’ll start quickly, I just want to say following at the beginning: If this work for you, don’t forget to change your rating and review on Google Play!!!!

If you accidentally selected „Use as default“ checkbox in Camera picker, it’s possible to revert this, Just follow these steps:

Open phone settings
Open phone settings
Choose "Applications"
Choose „Applications“
Then "Manage applications"
Then „Manage applications“

And now comes the tricky part: in application list select that app, which opens automatically instead of camera picker, in my case it’s standard Camera app:

In All apps select Camera application
In All apps select Camera application
Tap "Clear defaults" button and confirm
Tap „Clear defaults“ button and confirm

And we are done for now, camera picker dialog should appear instead of default selected application. Please note that this has nothing to do with inapp camera some applications may use – that’s impossible to fake.

One more time – if your Fake Camera works again, don’t forget to change your rating and review on Google Play, thank you! And, of course, if you’d like to say thanks for Fake Camera, just buy a Donate Version, or send me some bitcoins or so. Thank you!

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  1. I have tried the above method but was unable to clear the defaults as it was not highlighted. I’m using the s4

  2. Thats weird. And have you tried it for which application? I mean when you chose „take picture“, which app opens instead of selection dialog? You have to clean defaults for that application.

  3. Thanks so much! I was wondering why it wasn’t working and so I cleared the defaults and sure enough it worked! I was about to report the app but I decided to go on here and seek help. Thanks so much!!!

  4. You are very welcome, nice to hear that! Can you please update your rating on gPlay, if you didn’t do it so? 😉

  5. I have an iPhone so it’s different than what you’ve shown above so I still don’t know how

  6. Hi Kate, Fake Camera is Android only application, so this howto cannot be for iPhone 😉

  7. Can u make this for iphone please. The kik fake live pic feature

  8. Does this work on tablets? I tried clearing defaults for both kik and camera but both said no defsults

  9. It should work on tablets. You have to clear defaults for application, which opens instead of Fake camera!

  10. I can’t get to the menu it only shows me the tutorial and when I swipe to the right it’s still on the tutorial can you fix this?

  11. Ummm, and have you tried to read those instructions in tutorial? 🙂

  12. Okay I have a question. I’ve recently been trying to use fake camera on my android phone. I’m trying to use it for kik, but when I choose the gallery option, nothing els pops up to let me click fake camera. It’s not working!!! I’ve cleared defaults and tried everything.

  13. I also downloaded the default app manager and It still won’t allow me to enable fake camera. It says to clear defaults but then when I try to do it, it says no defaults are set.

  14. I tried doing that but it said no defaults can you please help me?

  15. I did this. But my default button wasnt highlighted and it still wont work on kik

  16. Hi again, please, try to fire this question on Fake Camera Google+ profile, there is some community, maybe anyone knows answer. Add some details there also (android version, phone type…) and what it does/donesnt; how are you trying to open application from kik etc.

  17. I have my default set to Gallery and when I try to clear defaults like you said it won’t let me.. what do I do?

  18. New kik update is not letting the fake camera work help please !!! 911

  19. Perhaps you should create a fake kik? Come on. I know you’re smart enough.

  20. Heyy I have a Motorola E and it does not have application settings.

  21. Dude I have an HCT M8 & it’s not working for KIK. It just opens the regular camera even though I clearer cache, defaults, then disabled it

  22. Im my manage applications, my phones defaulr camera does not appear, this is the ONLY application that i cant find in my ‚manage applications‘. Help?

  23. That strange, isn’t it hidden under some other tab? Which phone and system version do you have? And are you sure that you are looking for the right „defaulted opened“ application?

  24. Fake camera is not working on my phone your app sucks dude repair it

  25. Hey the clear default button isn’t highlighted so what do I do.
    I’ll give u a 5 star rating if u help mr

  26. Hey, if the clear defaults button is not highligted, that means that application is not set as default ;). Tell me some more details – which application, what it does, what you want to achieve etc… I sent you an email also.

  27. I tried clearing defaults but the default is the android system and it doesnt have defaults

  28. I’m using oppo f1 plus and it’s not working after doing those steps.

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