How Fake Camera works

After recent Kik update I have full mailbox of messages like „Fix fake camera asap“ and a lot of one stars ratings at Google Play. So let’s have a look into how Fake Camera works and how Kik/Android camera works – to explain, why I am unable to do anything with this.

Do you think Fake Camera is that „Camera picker dialog“ which appears after you chose to take a picture? Wrong! That’s Android system dialog!! Take a look what happens, when application (like old version of Kik) asks for taking a picture. There are two possible scenarios: there is just one camera application on your phone (or some of you cameras is set as default) OR there are more camera applications on your phone. Let’s draw a simple diagram of communication between application and android phone – for both of those cases.

In case one application (for example old version of Kik) asks for taking a picture, so phone answers with just one camera application and runs it for Kik. Let’s say it opens your phone default camera application directly.

Phone runs camera application directly
Phone runs camera application directly

In the second case, when there are more camera applications to chose, phone displays dialog – camera picker and lets user choose which camera application use. And runs it for him again.

Phone lets user choose, which camera application should be used
Phone lets user choose, which camera application should be used

Can you see that? That dialog is not displayed by Fake Camera application, but by your Android phone itself! Fake camera is just another camera application within that list!!!

Now let’s see how all this work with new Kik update: this new update has its own (in-application) camera, so it does not call external camera application for taking pictures. It just takes a picture within that application and does not say anything to Phone nor other application.

How new Kik makes pictures
How new Kik makes pictures

Again – can you see that? There is no way to let your Android phone to display that Camera picker dialog, because all that stuff does application itself (Kik). And because there is no way your phone can display that dialog, there is no way to run Fake camera (that gallery picker) nor any other Camera application. Deal with that or write a message to Kik (or whatever application you want to use) authors and not me, I have nothing to do with this!! And of course – if you changed your rating of Fake Camera because of this, put it back please, because Fake camera still works correctly!!

PS if you are still unable to deal with that, take the MinusIQ pill and go chatting to g+ page, if there is some place between animated gifs and selfies.

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  1. You know how kik video and memes all have their own separate icon on kik? If this app had that as well it wouldn’t be a problem with the new update. If you can, can you please make that happen?

  2. PLUS, you can’t say that your app works „correctly“ if it doesn’t work at all anymore.

  3. Have a look at this example: you have house somewhere in mainland and I am a car creator, so you have a car from me. Suddenly some land architect decides to change all roads around your house to waterways passable only by boat. And you say: come on, put a boat motor on my car. You can’t? So your car does not work! That;s not true, my car works – but you need a road for that!!

  4. Sorry, I can’t! It’s impossible to change that. You have to ask Kik developers!

  5. Perhaps you could research a good way to downgrade KIK for android to a previous version that allows your app to work with KIK again. Your app may work as it was intended when it was made and probably still works with other applications, but in the end kik found a way to make your app obsolete with its new update. If there truly is no way for you to upgrade fakecamera to work around the KIK upgrade, then you as the creator of the app need to provide the necessary steps to downgrade kik to a version that works with your app. That or give up on Fakecamera altogether. I mean, there’s no denying 90% of your customers are using it for KIK.

  6. Hey, me again, I’ve done some research and found a way. There is a site for APK files that you can download older versions of apps. You delete your current version, find an older version like 7.4.0, download it from apk website, not Google play, open the download and install. This version is compatible. You should make this known on your app info.

  7. Hey,thank you for your feedback and research! The fact is – I made that application a long time ago and I have no capacity (and many times even the will) to support all those requests, so it’s still published „as is“ and people can use it freely. So for sure I am not planning to try to hack Kik application (of course there is no way to do that), which is just one of dozens applications people using it with.
    You prove that it’s possible to find a solution of this problem by installing older version of Kik, so anyone can search that for himself. Unfortunately users today are either lazy, or kids (or unable to read or whatever – that’s why I added that graphical tutorial inside application and even that many people does not read and still keeps mailing me for answers written there). I can put link for site you mentioned to the FC profile, but that means a few things: to publish new version of application on Google Play I should prepare new version of graphics, new description and a few more things, which Google now requires to publish application again. Ok, I believe I can find some time for that soon. BUT – as I wrote earlier people don’t read! I can put that on app’s profile, but I’ll still have full inbox of complaints, negative ratings on Google Play etc. But ok, I’m in – I’ll change that and we’ll see if that helps. Can you please provide me with that APK archive link?

  8. Let’s all thank this guy for the „fake camera“. IT DOES WORK ON KIK! You just need to be smart enough to download the correct old version. Peppermint theme kik works very well. Older other themes may also work. Its easy to download, not an apk. Be sure to uncheck auto update in your playstore settings. Follow the link above. Let’s all thank Brenda too ☺

  9. There is a module on xposed framework called snapshare that allows gallery pics to be sent as camera pics in snapchat. So I’m pretty sure there is a work around for this.

  10. Hey Jake, thanks for info! Never heard about xposed, checked it now and I pretty like it, maybe it will be my next rom. But still – I am unable to make FC working with either kik or snapchat – xposed is modified system with root access and stuff. FC is for „normal users“, not h4x0r5 🙂

  11. Your rated on how it works not why it doesn’t work. It does not work on kik so REGARDLESS of the reason you deserve 1 star. Yes kik is the one who would have to change this and now that kik takes pictures this way your application sucks. Admit it stop the excuses

  12. Like he said you have to smarter then the phone and download the correct app. It works for what it was intended to work for. It wasn’t intended for the new kik. It was intended for the old Kik. He doesn’t say anything in the app description that says it was made solely for kik. So stop batching and complaining about it.

  13. Hi
    I know old kik work with fake camera.
    It is fun. Can you please tell me are there other apps that can use fake camera?

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