Customizing Simple Search

Some time ago I made customized advanced search results view – no two boxes like in standard Alfresco, but three boxes – the third one for viewing special content type. Now I wanted to add this results screen as a default result of searching via the simple search box.

When I firstly saw r:simpleSearch component and no documentation, I wasn't happy. But after while I realized that it's very simple, thanks to actionListener parameter on that component:

 <r:simpleSearch id="search" actionListener="#{}" />

This component creates that very known search box

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That action listener, search, is defined in BrowseBean, but I did my own (I copied and edited it :-)). All what this listener does is just setting Search Context and then redirects to results page – returns adequate outcome string to faces navigator.

 public void search(ActionEvent event){
        UISimpleSearch search = (UISimpleSearch)event.getComponent();
        FacesContext context = FacesContext.getCurrentInstance();
        context.getApplication().getNavigationHandler().handleNavigation(context, null, "browseSearchResults");

 Navigation rule in faces config navigates in this case from everywhere to my own search results page thanks to this rule:


That's all, view-search-results is up to you 🙂

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