Custom filesystem receiver for Alfresco

It’s really a long time since my last Alfresco post on this blog. And because of that I’d like to announce my comeback to Alfresco developing, because the year with mainly Android coding was long enough. Before that I’ve been working on content publisher for custom CMS based on Alfresco repository, which was able to publish through NATed networks.

My solution is based on Broker, which provides communication between publisher and endpoints, which both may be behind NAT. Each endpoint is subscribed to queue on broker and when request for publish comes, it locally compares published version and if published is newer, it sends request for content and content is transfered. Depublishing works the same way, data consistency is secured by ‚sync‘ mechanism – endpoint may send local file list to publisher, which checks its integrity and do appropriate actions.

Publisher/endpoint scheme
Publisher/endpoint scheme

First version was based on RabbitMQ and HSQLDB and had a lot of performance and security issues, but as I said – I’d like to resurrect it now, rewrite and open source it. I just need to be sure that there is no such a project, because I don’t want to do the same thing. If anyone knows similar stuff, please let me know!

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