Štítek: java

  • Sending content to java webscript via POST method

    Yesterday I stucked on problem of getting data from WebScriptRequest, which were sent by POST method. There is some bug in Apache Tomcat, so there is a simple workaround described for example here. My task was to create webscript, which tries to find a file in repository (or create it, if it doesn't exist) and…

  • Delete dialog workaround

    Write this one, or not to write this blogpost? That is the question :-). But I would like to simply remember for some things i did, so let's do it! In my DMS I have some multimedia content saved and this content has attached description in xml file. Also I have my own space view…

  • Customizing Simple Search

    Some time ago I made customized advanced search results view – no two boxes like in standard Alfresco, but three boxes – the third one for viewing special content type. Now I wanted to add this results screen as a default result of searching via the simple search box.

  • Playing with titlebar and navigator II

    In last blogpost I wrote about titlebar and menu in it. Also I promised some navigator hacking, which is more complex (and crazy has many javascript code) and amazing, so I decided to write whole blogpost on it. Here we are go!

  • Playing with titlebar and navigator

    My next quest was to change content of titlebar and navigator box. Titlebar was really easy, but navigator box is 'hell itself', because it's r:navigator component and i didn't want to create another component just for adding one more line.

  • Mimetype detection in upload component

    I posted short topic about my way to uploading files to Alfresco some time before. Now I turned all that code into my own component and added it to Tag Library and also added mimetype detection and some other amazing stuff. I'll try to describe some facts about my implementation in this blogpost, so be…

  • Has properties webscript

    I did some other java based webscript. From portlet flash application I need to get information about some user's permissions on object specified by nodeRef. So firstly I tried to do this via JavaScript based webservice, but there are no tools to do this.

  • Custom „modify content properties dialog“

    There is this dialog present in Alfresco (edit-content-properties.jsp), but I wanted to write my own and also describe things I discovered during playing with browseBean.

  • Alfresco Quick upload

    In Alfresco there is no simple way to modify uploading code. You can't just copy and customize org.alfresco.web.bean.content.AddConteneDialog class and /jsp/content/add-content-dialog.jsp ie you can use add-content-dialog.jsp and modify it, but when you try to use AddContentDialog class updated in your project, it doesn't work. I found somewhere on forums (sry, i can't find a link)…

  • iCal export implementation for Alfresco

    For my vcf planning calendar, which is partially described in my Bachelor's thesis, I made function, which does export to iCal calendar format. I used Jav-backed WebScript at Alfresco side and iCal4j library for implementation of RFC 2445 standard – iCalendar.