Air Cargo Forwarder

Air Cargo Forwarder aka ACF aka Android remote for Cloud Foundry is a simple remote control utility for your apps running on Cloud Foundry platform.

ACF settings

ACF settings

Why to use this application?

  • It’s the only Cloud Foundry controller on Android platform.
  • It’s free – it costs nothing.
  • It’s free – it has no ads (and will never have, I hate them, so I think you too!).
  • It’s open source (gimme some time please, it’ll be on Bitbucket).
  • It’s simple – I mean really simple.
  • It’s blue.
  • . . .
ACF main screen

ACF main screen

Application is in first beta stage, new features will be added through time, bugfixes too, I’m looking forward for your feedback on Twitter (@shMoula), by email, or by comments at this page.

Download from Google Play!

If you like this application and want to support development, please donate, I’ll appreciate it:

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